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Voilier : XS 6'X4", S 8'X2", M 11'X4", L 15'X5"Goutte : XS 5'X10", S 6'X3", M 10'X3", L 14'X3"Rectangle : S 6'X11", M 9'X6", L 13'X9"Formes A-B-C-D|Grandeurs 7'' x 14''|14'' x 28''|18'' x 36''|29'' x 58''

100% polyester fabric
Resistant and colorless printing
Includes transport bag and poles
Basic choice in cross (int./ext.)[BASX] or in spade [PIC];
Option: water bag [SACE], sand bag [SACS], interior chrome base [BASC]
Available shapes: sailboat (straight, angle, convex, concave), drop, rectangle

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